• Do you supply to the public?

While this site is dedicated B2B we have a retail outlet (www.ramersponges.com) where you can purchase a wide range of Bathroom, Cosmetic and Household sponges,

    • Can I visit your factory?

Please call 01404 46757 to arrange a meeting

    • Can it be sterilised?

PVA sponge is temperature sensitive so we recommend using antimicrobial solutions, gamma radiation or ethylene oxide gas.

    • What colour is your product?

Ramerfoam® PVA sponge in basic form is brilliant white, however we have a standard range of vivid and pastel shades and subject to minimum order quantities we produce customer specific colours.

    • Can you offer Research and design services with PVA sponge?

Yes we can – Please call us on 01404 46757 to discuss your requirements.

    • Is Ramerfoam® recyclable?

We have been working for some time to find an effective way of recycling our sponge waste. One aspect of this has taken us down the route of hydroponics. Tests have been carried out at an agricultural research facility using our sponge material to aid plant growth. Ramerfoam® was found to produce vigorous growth in tomato plants.

    • What makes Ramerfoam® different from the rest?

Ramer was the first and only company to manufacture PVA sponge in the UK. Continuously refining and improving our product, we have been at the forefront of PVA sponge design in the medical, engineering and OEM sectors for over 70 years. During this period we also have been supplying our range of bathroom and cosmetic sponges to major converters and retailers both in the UK and worldwide.

    • What are your opening hours?

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Excepting UK public holidays

    • Can PVA sponge be made permanently soft?

No, PVA sponge will only remain silky soft when in the presence of water. When the sponge dries it becomes rigid and hard, on re-wetting it will regain original softness. Certain soluble additives can give limited flexibility in the dry state.

    • Why do you call it Ramerfoam®?

By calling it Ramerfoam® our customers can instantly recognize the quality PVA sponge material that we have manufactured for nearly 70 years.

    • Does it contain latex or phthalates?

Absolutely not – just PVA

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