Foam Technical Specifications

Benefits of Ramer® PVA Foam

Benefits of PVA Foam Sponge at a glance

  • Super Soft Sponge
  • Strong chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Non linting
  • Non abrasive
  • Latex Free
  • Non Phthalate
  • Biocompatible
  • UV resistant
  • Withstanding temperatures of up to 70°C when wet and 100°C dry without deformation
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in a wide range of pore sizes
  • Available in a huge variety of colours
  • Colourfast

Strong chemical and abrasion resistance

Ramer® PVA products go through stringent quality control. Resistant to most commercial and industrial chemicals, our sponge is a popular choice in medical and cleanroom environments.


Ramer® PVA sponge was first documented as being used for medical purposes back in 1959 under the brand name of Prosthex®, when it was used by surgeons to repair rectal prolapse. More recently Ramerfoam® products have been used for a wide variety of medical applications.

UV resistant

Ramerfoam® is unlike other sponge products on the market. UV does not break down the chemical bonds and shorten the lifespan of the product. We still have samples of stock produced in 1948 that are in the same condition as when they came off the production line.

 PVA synthetic-sponge

PVA aerospace foam

pva hydrophilic foam

Available in a wide range of pore sizes and water holding capacity


Ramerfoam ® is naturally brilliant white and by introducing coloured pigments Ramer is able to offer a wide range of standard colours. We can match most colour shades to suit individual customer requirements, subject to a minimum order quantity. All Ramer® products are colourfast up to temperatures of 40°C. All medical and cleanroom products are sold in white only.